Regulation on foreign exchange entities.
The basic banknotes payable criteria in foreign currency in the conduct of foreign exchange operations in cash with individuals.

1. The unit of currency exchange foreign exchange transaction carried cash with individuals following authentic foreign currency banknotes in circulation.
a) banknotes which have kept the main signs of payable: the name of the issuing bank, serial number, amount in figures and words, trim the base, the portrait on the front and back, also security features against counterfeiting (watermark signs magnetic included in the paper fiber structure, including the visible to ultraviolet light, confetti, security thread, microprint, luminescent drawings etc.);
b) notes having the presence of defects insignificant after wear normal: dirt and erasures and small spots of fat or otherwise, registrations, prints stamp (except for the stamps which states that the note is not genuine) which does not alter the main signs the payable.
2. At its discretion, the foreign exchange entity may conduct foreign exchange transactions with individuals receiving cash from customers in foreign currency having genuine essential defects or other than those specified in paragraph 1 of this Annex, But such notes may not be sold to individuals if they refuse to receive them.
3. When establishing internal rules concerning receipt of banknotes should mention in point 2 of this Annex, the exchange can be guided by signs payable set by the issuing body of the respective notes.
Receiving tax of 0.1%
Collection of information on individuals the additional payment required under Republican Fund law and local funds for social support No.827-XIV of 18 February 2000.

The sales operations of foreign currency and traveler's checks of individuals against money cash exchange offices are obliged to collect an additional payment in the amount of 0.1% per cent of the amount paid by individual the purchase of foreign currency. This provision shall not be reflected upon individuals selling operations of traveler's checks in foreign currency against the same foreign currency in cash.
Mandatory additional payment should not be included in the transaction. Funds received from charging additional payments specified transfer in local funds for social support in accordance with the Regulation on the distribution of aid material means Republican Fund and local funds for social support and how to cashing additional payments to these funds, approved by Government decision no.1083 of 26.10.2000.
The amount exceeding 50.000 MDL.
Following the modifications and additions to the Regulations on Foreign Exchange Entities, approved by the Board of Administration of the National Bank of Moldova no. 190-XVI of 26 July 2007 on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, please note that in the conduct of foreign exchange transactions regardless of the fact that this transition is carried out by a single operation or more, the amount which equals or exceeds the equivalent of 50 000 MDL, an official of the foreign exchange will necessarily require the customer the following IDs:
from resident → ID of the national passport (passport / identity card / permanent residence permit, etc. issued by the authorized body of the Republic of Moldova).
from nonresident → passport issued by the competent bodies of the foreign state, the temporary residence permit issued by the authorized body of the Republic of Moldova.